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Google was no hep, but I'm sure if anyone can help me, it's the peeps
who read this NG. �

On "The New Detectives" this morning, they had a bit about the Betty
Lucas murder case. �I know I saw the trial on Court TV a long time ago
(it was back in 1994), but I thought Nancy Grace was the prosecutor..
So I was really surprised to see the murder happened in Tyler, Texas.
If it wasn't this case, which one did I see her on? �And if it *was*
this one, how is it Nancy Grace prosecuted a Texas case? �I thought
she was in Georgia? �It wasn't long after this trial that I first saw
Nancy Grace -- with a makeover -- on CourtTV and had assumed she
caught their eye when she was prosecuting the Lucas case. �Now? �I'm
thinking I have two or maybe even three things mixed up into one
thing. �

As I remember it: �

Steven Lucas was convicted (at the second trial -- first one was hung
jury) of murdering his mother, Betty Lucas. �He and his daughter said
Betty fell down the stairs when she and Steven were fighting over a
VCR. �But it turned out he killed her. �It was alleged by the
prosecution that she was hit repeatedly in the head with a
candlestick, though the show today said no murder weapon was ever
found or identified. �I remember seeing the photos of Betty Lucas's
shaved head. �It was a little hard to believe that she sustained those
injuries in a fall down the stairs. I also remember a creepy animation
-- can't remember which side presented it -- showing how the fall
would have occurred. �

From wiki:

Thanks -- but I had already found that. �I didn't see anything in
there to help -- nothing about the Lucas case. �Nothing about Texas.
Or was that your point? �Or did I miss it? �

She wasn't involved with a Texas case. Unless she 'covered' it for
the Lucas trial (when she and Cochrane worked together) on CourTV. I
suspect it was the Carr case that first brought her to the attention
of CNN, at least according to what I found, though as I recall, she
more or less "gained her fame" during the OJ Simpson trial where she
was working for CourTV.

Thanks for the help.

Looking at the timeline, the Lucas case was before the OJ Simpson case
-- so I don't think she would have been working with Cochrane on that

She starting working with Cochrane in late 1996. The Bette Baker
Lucas murder
occurred in 1988, was first tried in 1991 resulting in a hung jury,
retried in 1994 and
son Steve Lucas was sentenced to 35 years. Perhaps Nancy Grace was
just one
of many talking heads asked about the case in 1994.