Re: What if Joran didn't kill Natalee?

On Sat, 19 Jun 2010 19:42:51 -0400, Poe wrote:

No offense, Michael, but missing men just aren't as interesting. With
women we imagine kidnap, rape, maybe torture, and murder of an innocent
girl (regardless of age, as long as she's young-ish). With men we assume
he's off on a bender, with some ho, or at least complicit in his own bad
luck by reckless behavior. I can't justify it, but I think that's the
deal. I wonder if part of is it that, as a culture, we hold men more
accountable for their actions (and thus fate) than we do women. It seems
like "we" (generally, not everyone, and certainly not all the brilliant
folks here) still think women are guided, misled, and taken advantage
of, way more than we think that way of males. YMMV but that's my opinion.

I think you have something here. And the fact is that many men do contribute
to their own demise by their behavior. And plenty of women are softheaded
enough to let themselves be taken advantage of. Face it, most folks just

If there's a nuclear winter, at least it'll snow.


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