Re: "Yes, I killed Suzy Gonzales. Over the internet..." -John Sheffield, 162 Jefferson Ave, Orange Park, Florida - (WAS: Re: don't you want somebody to love [music] jefferson airplane])

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To whom it may concern.

The person posting using the nickname and email address "easyliving" <mario707707> is John Sheffield of Orange Park, Florida, a boat dock builder.

John Sheffield's company is listed as:

AAA Docks Inc.
162 Jefferson Ave
Orange Park, FL 32065
Phone: 904-272-5540

John Sheffield was cited in the suicide death of Suzy (Susanne) Gonzales. For more information on John Sheffield's activities related to the suicide death of Suzy Gonzales, please see these links:

Postings by John Sheffield pertaining to the suicide death of Suzy Gonzales:

John Sheffield's business and contact information:

John Sheffield now appears to be engaging in a campaign of criminal harassment and cyber stalking via the internet.

(STALKING LAWS - STATE OF FLORIDA) House 0479: Relating to Offense of Stalking:

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