Re: Casey Anthony

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Nothing cute about her.
Not true.

She was cute, until she became a murderer.

I doubt if any of us could pick the murderers out of a
line-up of cute chicks.

... or ugly men.

... or ugly men. The murderers amongst the ugly men would still
be ugly, and the murderers amongst the cute chicks would still be

For someone who is all about equality of the sexes,
the demeaning terms toward women are still being used.

Ugly isn't demeaning? You're hardly being egalitarian here
yourself, Nancy.

Oh, then again, I expect you are referring to my use of the
word "chick". Well, too bad, Nancy, I don't propose to let
you feminists dictate to me what words and terms are offensive
and which ones are acceptable. I find "male chauvinist" to
be an offensive and demeaning term, but I don't expect you
to quit using it just because I say you should.

Politeness can't be dictated. I have no intention of trying.
I just point out demeaning terms, as you do with stereotypes
of men.

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