Re: What should happen to the Heene's..?

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jerry warner wrote:
What should they get?

Millions and a TV show?

Realistically? They should get a generous plea offer, including a waiver
of felony charges and a fine they can actually pay, say $1,000.

I believe that the law here requires a person to pay for search and
rescue, when it is determined that they did something wrong (going off
a marked trail while hiking, skiing in a "no" ski area, getting lost
on the river).

Never heard of that before but it makes sense. But one thing,
sometimes there are trails off a trail going nowhere, they aren't
really part of the trail, could have been made by a ranger. There may
be no signs marking it off-limits. I suppose it could be marked in a
trail book, but if one doesn't have the trail map, one might not

As far as balloon family, I agree with okerry that they should have to
pay the farmer for the wheat field damages. I don't think they will
be able to pay the search costs. And the sheriff has said it's
doubtful they will spend any time in jail because he needs the room
for real criminals. Maybe some community service would be good, but
that might be hard on the persons that would have to work with Richard

to me it comes down to how seriously DHS takes
this and how they wish to persue it, which could make
the Heene's lives a living hell leading to more problems...

DHS will probably drop it!

Richard Heene should have tried to replace that commercial guy that
died over the summer, the one shouting the ads. He has the same
voice, same style.