Re: OPINION: The unique power of crying rape

Smokie Darling (Annie) wrote:
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On Mon, 05 Oct 2009 01:42:35 -0700, Michael Snyder wrote:

The recent incident at Hofstra University, in which a student claimed
that she was gang-raped in a men's room, has reignited the ongoing and
often bitter debate about false accusations of rape. Are false rape
charges a serious problem exacerbated by feminist claims that women
don't lie about rape? Or is the issue being blown out of proportion to
discredit feminists and cast doubt on the credibility of rape victims?
Should women who bring false accusations be prosecuted or treated as
troubled people who need help?
Why not both?

Um, isn't there something about prosecuting someone who is mentally
troubled? There could be an underlying psychosis, which would
preclude prosecution.

False rape charges should be treated as seriously as we treat a true
rape charge.

It should be treated as a crime along the lines of giving false information to LE. Additionally, rape is unique in that it protects the identity of the victim, while making public the identity, and vilifying the alleged rapist. It seems like there should be a form of retribution for someone falsely accused, more than just dropped charges or vindication from a "not guilty" verdict (if there is one - shudder to think how often it doesn't end that way). I've read a bunch of stories where it really messed up someone's life with the stigma and financial cost, not to mention prison if the liar doesn't eventually admit it.