Re: Kidnapper fathered 2 children with California girl

"Ruthless" <ruthless@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4a98c6f3.1257014312@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx police search home for clues to prostitute murders"

I hope for Jaycee and the girls sake that he isn't connected to the
prostitute murders. Bad enough what happened but to think they may
have been with a serial killer as well, too much.

Or worse, that they may have been forced or coerced into being involved in
those murders.

And I have been seriously wondering if Jaycee had other children.
Elizabeth had 8 pregnancies, 7 children, both boys and girls. Jaycee only
has 2 children and both are girls. This guy is so depraved that it
wouldn't suprise me in the least if he murdered any male children she
might have birthed.


That entered my mind too Davi. I'm also thinking that until she had her first baby, or at least when she got pregnant the first time, that she was probably shackled or more imprisoned. After being pregnant and/or having the baby she thought she had no choice but to stay because of her baby(s).