Re: The "death band" on Caylee's hair .. more flakey evidence

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I think the hit in Caylee's yard is not remarkable.
She lived there. But cadaver dogs are not trained
to "not" respond if there is no body found. They
want a reward, so they will respond on the next
best thing ... rotting junk food.

Yeah, because we all *know* that rotting junk food smells like a
decomposing body. <eye roll>

Who has rotting junk food in their backyard?

Apparently Johns buries his rotting junk food, since he thinks that's
what the cadaver dogs hit on in the backyard. Just a presumption
based on his comments.


Apparently there must also be some cannibalism involved. After all,
dogs only hit on rotting *humans*. Which junk food place feeds us 'human'
meat anyway? gotta be taco bell. ;-)

Yes, you and I both know that (about what cadaver dogs are trained to
'hit' on). Johns however seems to think that rotting pizza smells
like a dead body (so that, by deduction, rules out Taco Bell since
they don't generally have "pizza"). Pizza Hut or Dominos (or Papa


Gotta be Dominos. Dh says 'they've really gone down hill', he won't eat 'em
anymore. ;]


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