Re: The "death band" on Caylee's hair .. more flakey evidence

On Mar 17, 5:00 pm, johns <johns...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What we need to be mindful of is that while specific facts in the case (or
any case) may support alternative theories, when you consider the totality
of the evidence solid deductive reasoning may suggest to the jury that
Casey's guilt is irrefutable.

What totality ? I've debunked nearly every single
point the Media claimed to be evidence. And I
mean I have generated hard evidence against it.

Duct tape around the head, Pooh blanket from the home, laundry bag
from the home, plastic bags from the home, trunk smelled like death
according to her own father, cadaver dogs hit on the back yard, Casey
borrows a shovel, should I go on?

What Orlando Sentinel survey are you talking about?