Re: Haleigh's Mother's Attorney Gives First Local Interview

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"I don't have a clue as to where that cinder block
came from." But, there is a stack of them near his trailer.

He was told that there was a "brick" holding
the door open by a reporter.He said he didn't
know where a "brick" came from.There is a
big difference between a brick and a block,
so I will give him that one.

What I was referring to was a February 11th interview with Nancy Grace.

GRACE: Mr. Cummings, you said the door was propped open. Describe to me what
you saw when you got home.

CUMMINGS: I came in the house and immediately checked all the bedrooms, the
bathroom, everywhere, just to be sure, and walked to the back door, it was
wide open. As I walked out the back door, the screen door was propped open
with a cinderblock.

GRACE: Do you know where the cinderblock came from that was propping the
door open?

CUMMINGS: Don't have a clue. I don`t mess with none of that, so I don`t
know. I very rarely am in the back yard at all unless I`m washing my car. So
it could have came from around my shed. I`m renting. I don`t know if the
previous renters had it or what, but I`ve never seen it, I don`t believe.

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