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After working on the Haleigh Cummings case for only a few days,
said people from all over Putnam county have called her and her staff
concerns about the safety and home life inside Haleigh's home while
Haleigh was there and for her little brother now.

Haleigh lives with her father, Ronald Cummings, in Satsuma. It was
his home that she disappeared February 9th.

Sometimes I wonder if it is possible that Ronald Cummings knows his
is in all likelihood deceased and does *not* want this crime solved?

For any of the following reasons:
1) He knows it was a revenge abduction by some really bad characters who
had victimized by stealing money or drugs from - or who recently learned
that he might be an informant.

This might happen in the big city,but,not so much.In the
history of Putnam County there has never been a kidnapping in
retaliation.Of.Anything.Ronald Cummings isn't,or wasn't worth the
effort.> 2) If they apprehend a "man dressed in black", it would reflect
badly on the
care (or lack thereof) in his household and he could possibly lose

I was with you until this.Polly Klass was taken from her bedroom
too,and her father wasn't deemed an unfit parent because of it.

3) He and/or Misty are responsible for her demise. If Misty and/or
would admit that Misty was away for part of the evening it might take
of the focus of LE on her.

I truly don't think that they had anything to do with Halieghs
disapearance directly.

The reason I say this is because I don't recall him ever saying anything
that could be construed has helping with the investigation. Or at least
a bare minimum of useful information.

That is because he was at work at the time and can't offer anymore
that what he was told.

Wouldn't it be helpful if he didn't insist on all of the following:
!) "I always check that the door is locked before I leave for work." Why
qualify it to include the possibility at least that it may have been
unlocked? Is he so fearful of losing junior that he cannot bring himself
admit mistakes may have been made?

I have wondered about that many times.My hubby leaves work before me
and he never fails to make sure the doors are locked.I too have a
feeling that Ronald may have not been as spot on in that regard as he
claims to be.

2) "Crystal is fabricating the story that junior told her that a man
in black took sissy." Why not concede that it is possible that junior
the abductor?

I agree with you there too.

3) "I have no idea where that cinder block came from." There is a stack
them near his trailer.

He was told that there was a "brick" holding the door open by a
reporter.He said he didn't know where a "brick" came from.There is a
big difference between a brick and a block,so I will give him that

4) "I have no enemies." Who is he protecting?

How does saying that you have no enemies coincide to protecting
someone? Ronald Cummings is the kind of dude that wouldn't protect
anyone if he had something to gain.And in this case he has his
daughter to gain.I think 4) falls flat.

5) His non-responsive somewhat defiant answers when interviewed by NG,
and Meredith.

He deserved every bit of what he got concerning his marriage to
Misty.How can either one of them even think about themselves when only
a month ago his daughter went missing is a mystery to me.

Because he's thinking that his living arrangements with Misty are what
motivated the kidnapper.


Oh give me a break. We're not talking San Francisco here. We're talking
rural south. Like anybody is going to even care if he lives in a
double-wide with a seventeen year old. At least she isn't his cousin,