Re: Citibank

johns wrote:

Has anyone noticed besides me, that as soon as a Democrat gets into
office the credit card businesses start playing games with your

It is not the democrats. This sort of thing has
been SOP for many many years with all of the
lending agencies. And I have the fix.

My wife and I watch these charges closely.
If there is so much as a 75 cent "fee" that we
think is illegal, we pick up the phone and file
a complaint with the State Attorney General's
Office of Consumer Protection.

bullshit. New federal laws under Bush froze the ability of
States to sue over consumer issues. Fact. So whatever
your AG is saying to you its empty bs and he's in on the scam! They all

They keep
records of all such complaints, and when they
spot a habitual offender, they make them repay
the error, plus they can fine them if it continues
... and it does ... and they get their gooses
cooked. They will also investigate their overcharges
in every respect, and they will require that the
agency repay illegal charges ... ESCROW is
a biggie. Insurance charges you did not agree
on runs about 2nd. Delayed payment fines runs
about 3rd, and they call that "skimming" and
will fine them for that, plus make them repay it
... and run up a big fee for the bookkeeping

Don't think that your local State government
rep can do anything about the credit card
scams. They are just too busy, and really don't
have the power. Take your complaints straight
to the Attorney General's office. They are real
bulldogs on this matter ... and Wifey has
recovered 10s of 1000s ... and made these
banks, loan companies, and credit card agencies
lives miserable.