Re: Evidence of what ?

I don't think I know *anyone* who likes to pose for the camera as much as
Casey does.  No worries about Caylee, I guess.

The only reasonable explanation for that is Casey thought
that Caylee was OK, even if Zanny was angry. Casey was
going to ride it out until Caylee came home. The big problem
possibly came when Cindy got in the middle of it, and
spooked everybody ... especially Zanny.

Also, I can imagine that Casey told Z about the fight at
home, and now she had no place to keep Caylee. THAT
might even be why Z took Caylee .. because no way was
she going to let Caylee live in the streets running from
friend to friend with Casey. In a way, I can see that Casey
might have been very relieved that Caylee had a place to
stay ... and that would explain the hard partying .. she
was overjoyed in a way.

Nothing else makes any sense, and I base that on the
videos of how much Casey obviously cared for and
enjoyed little Caylee.