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Pretty sure I've missed the correct attributions. I wonder but then
don't,...about why the family didn't report the Turner syndrome. If
affects the child's everyday life, they should've mentioned it.
Would it REALLY make a difference in finding a missing child?

I have a 5-yr-old grandchild on the high end of the Aspergers'
and I'm thinking only in terms of him. Would it really set him apart
any other child, if a child were missing? I don't think so. I don't
what Turner syndrome indicates. If he were missing, yeah, you could
"How do you say 2178 in Spanish?" If the child gives the correct
yeah...that's my grandson. That's all I can come up with these days.

Except there's some recognizable physical features with
Turner's. I had seen mention of a peanut-shaped brown
mark on her face. I guess they didn't have a picture of
it....and since it's likely her hands and feet would be
"different", it may have been something recognizable.

At the very least, a public informed about the physicality
of the child, would be less liable to send in false

I had wondered about the erm, quality of the investigators in that
area (no offense, Robin), and now I'm thinking they have probably
botched this thing beyond recognition. Why the hell they would just
now tell people that Haleigh has distinguishing characteristics is
beyond me, unless they're so hopelessly inept that it just occurred to
them. I know the Turner's Syndrome thing was announced early on, but
it's not like people are familiar with it...if she'd been Down's
Syndrome, no one would have needed an additional description, you

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No offense taken :)

I voted for Jeff Hardy for Putnam Co.Sheriff.His predecessor was the
imcumbent Dean Kelly.Kelly had a long history here and he made an
impression.Started out good and it is truly a shame that the end of
his service was so marked.One example,kids were having a keg party in
the woods.Officers arrived and commenced to open fire on the kegs with
their service revolvers.Dean Kelly commended the officers and
explained that it was an effort to keep kids from drinking
underage.Meanwhile,down the road,on a main hwy in Palatka there was
almost an open air drug market going on...what used to be a nice
area,was becoming wasted.

That said,I think Jeff hardy is a bit over his head on the Haleigh
case.He is very new to his position but he has cleaned up certain
area's and has a good hard hand in making sure the cops aren't just
sitting in the cars but actualy arresting scumbags.But he just doesn't
have the experience the previous sheriff had dealing with cases like

With all of Dean Kelly's faults,and I am not particularly fond of
him,he was at the heart of many of the solved crimes in Putnam County
in his 31 yrs.of public service.I think he would have been a
tremendous asset if he was the sheriff right now..solely for this

Btw,another charactaristic of Turner's are ears that are lower on the
face than normal.

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Well crap, it's the south, what's a little beer keg shooting in the grand
scheme of things, know what I mean?  Hell, I've heard of a lot worse.

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TD,I hear you.My first thought was that they were gonna lose the
deposit on the keg.

But,really if we let cops start shooting at shit without
consequense..with the weapons that we provide to them then we are in
trouble.They are supposed to use it to protect us and themselves.Not
just walk around shooting things that they don't like.

Besides really,the bullets could have bounced off the keg and shot an
eye out and the taxpayers of the county would have been paying.