Re: Search for missing Florida 5 yo girl

"Kris Baker" <parallelcooler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

MSNBC just had a "breaking" from Sheriff: no one, not
even family members, is being ruled out. Everyone's
a suspect.

I think LE often has a leaker say things like "passed
the lie detector" just to throw a suspect off.

MY suspect had five hours to get rid of the little girl,
before Daddy came home.


The gf said, "I put a blanket on Haleigh and lay down beside her." Now LE is
reporting that a blanket was found outside near the back door. When you add
this to reports of the cinder block holding the door open it sure makes me
think a third-party abductor is a distinct possibility.

Now about the kitchen light being on. What could this mean? Was the gf gone
at the time the child was removed from her room?

Also the 3:00 am timeline is consistent with an intruder. It is a known fact
that perps prefer to strike and/or steal cars this time of day. It makes
sense with REM sleep occurring long after falling asleep. Make your move
when your victims are most likely to be in a deep sleep.

Finally, I am still a bit puzzled that LE will not say whether the gf passed
the polygraph. Why not?

There are already reports that she took the test twice. In fact the gf is
reported to have said as much.

Sounds like she is already making excuses before the results even come out
by saying, "It was difficult to take the test and saying I was shook up, I
kept moving,? she said. ?I couldn?t stay still. I was crying."

It she is being untruthful, perhaps it is only because she wasn't home when
the abduction occurred, but had nothing to do with the child being taken.