Re: Search for missing Florida 5 yo girl

"Chocolic" <chatter448@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

An intensive search in on Tuesday evening in the northwestern section of
Florida as authorities look for a missing 5-year old Putnam County girl.

I was distracted while watching Jane Velez-Mitchell's "Issues" show on HLN.
So I am not certain of this. But I thought I heard reports of possible
ongoing friction between the father and the gf. Anyone else have more on
this? (It's too early to get a transcript of the show.)

During the 911 call the gf said the 5-year old was wearing pajamas. But
later it was reported she was wearing a pink top and underwear. Suspicious?
Or an innocent mistake - or poor reporting?

Also during the 911 call the gf said (paraphrasing), "There was a brick by
the back door. It wasn't there when I went to bed." Was she overselling a
break-in theory - or was she honestly trying to be helpful?