Re: Australia declares bushfire disaster a crime scene

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I've been following/reading some of these stories the last few days. So
many people killed. Any news from our Aussie posters? Why such a high
death rate? Isn't there an early warning when the bush fires are
approaching areas that are inhabited?

Yes there is a warning system. What has happened here is that people
stayed to defend their homes and then the winds changed and it became
ferocious and unfortunately they then decided to leave and left it too

At the present time people are NOT made to evacuate it is left up to them.
However the government is now rethinking this situation.

I feel so blessed that all of my family and friends that live in that
state are safe.

Aus Wendy

Thanks for the explanation, Wendy. I'm certainly glad to hear you and yours
are safe. I've wondered about others of our friends from Oz. So the
authorities are thinking thinking some or all of these fires were arson?