Re: Octuplets' Mom (picture & interview)

Poe <haunted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
Bart Bailey wrote:
Speaking of looks;
doesn't her obvious corpulence suggest some narcissistic factor
in play?

Anyway, I'd put a few bucks on religion being one factor in her
cluster of wacko thinking.

Good bet, it seems the odds are shifting that way.
I'm thinking that all the dissembling actions are just a
manifestation of the inherently disingenuous nature of religious
affiliation. Someone feeling a need to exchange their own
cogitative processes for a prefab belief structure derived from
some abstruse tome could possibly entertain sufficient self
doubts to provoke an evasive demeanor.

Or maybe she's an über social progressive, selflessly working to
change the notion that men cheat because of a biological instinct
to spread their seed whilst us slow-poke humans gestate.

Btw sometimes I have to read your sentences 3 times to sink in!

Oh hell, all he's doing is deriding her because she's probably going
to use religion to excuse her behavior.

Bart won't speak English because he is dishonest and wants others to
expose their positions before he takes one.

Bart is an old man who missed the boat when other kids were growing
up; he's been bitter for over 40 years and still thinks it's kool to
be a 70 year-old double-talking hippy.