Re: People magazine cover story: Caylee's family secrets

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The fight on Father's Day was over Casey stealing a check from her
grandfather while visiting him on Father's Day (another class act).

Cindy had to cash out her 401(k) to replace the dough Casey stole.

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I have a brilliant idea for Casey to raise money to pay back the
people she stole from. You know how in old movies they sometimes had
kissing booths at local fairs? Well, set something like that up with
Casey, but instead of a kiss, you can pay $10 to give her a good bop
upside her head. Not a beating (although it is tempting) but a good
bop.... Like what an older sibling does when they walk past you to
get on your nerves. She'd rake in a small fortune doing that! Hell,
I'd get in line a couple times for that opportunity. lol. d

You're being way too nice.