Re: OT / Brazilian model who lost hands and feet dies

Hi guys,

Of all the horrible crap you have been thru in your life, you still have
a sense of humor. That's probably what helped you to survive. The last
two paragraphs of your post made me laugh out loud!

I hate to chime in just to say ITA all the time, but I do - the things
you've endured, and you still have an amazing outlook (and sense of
humor). When I get in the mood for a pity party for *me* I remind myself
to get over it and think more a survivor (like you)** :-)

**Note: not much coffee yet, that's the best sentence I could structure
under the circumstances.

My day off. I slept in and I've had half a cup of coffee so far. Also no
excedrin yet. So if I'm incomprehensible, that's my story and I'm stickin'
to it.

You know, when someone posts something nasty to me, what I always do is
delete it and move on. I never respond. And when someone posts something
nice to me, like these posts, I kinda wanna do the same thing, because I
just don't have any clue how to respond. But it's rude to ig compliments
(my Mom told me so). So thanks, Chocolic n Poe. :/ (that would be a real
smile, but I haven't taken my full caffeine dose yet).

And Bart, that joke was great. Gave me a nice set of giggles.


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