Re: George Anthony Threatens Suicide, Disappears (Found Alive in Volusia Co.)

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CNN is reporting the suicide note (half-done) was "five or six"
pages long.

Since police were called into the room, the note is now
evidence. I'm hoping it contains evidence against his
daughter, which would be enough to make any Dad think
suicidal thoughts.


Whether this is true or not.............


Investigators said the eight-page note indicated George Anthony was at
the end of his rope, and that once he was gone, his family would have
a better life. He wrote about how strong his daughter, Casey Anthony,
is and said he doesn't believe she hurt her daughter, Caylee. However,
he did make dark, veiled references to his daughter's friends.
George Anthony also wrote in the letter that his wife, Cindy, could do
better than him. He also wrote about his son, Lee Anthony.



In other words, he's a tool willing to sacrifice himself for
his daughter, blame others, and broadcast a "suicide attempt"
via text messages, to his he could be found
before he had to go through with anything.

After all, if he didn't want to be found, he'd have turned
off his cellphone so they couldn't triangulate on it as
quickly as they did.

I would give the Mr. Anthony some slack. His world is collapsing
around him, whether he was crying out for attention or going through the
process to finally commit suicide. He needs some help and a little
sympathy. Whether George and Cindy Anthony are very indirectly involved
in Caylee's death, they are victims in this crime, that they had no
control over. I am guessing that is is pretty difficult and torn to
keep a proper face to defend his daughter.

I am also guessing some of his behavior, especially some of the
attention seeking he probably passed down to Casey.

I thought George was Casey's step-father.

At least, that was what was always reported in the news.

The house is in Cindy's name and not Geo.


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