Re: Psychic found spot of Anthony remains months before

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She did seem rather *perky* in court today. Perhaps, since it was a place
she was very familiar with, she had a different way of getting there? I
don't know where that dirt road/trail St. John was walking down is in
relation to the remains area, but maybe Casey went in that way?

My curiosity is starting to get the best of me, I was also wondering
about that dirt road/trail.  I'm gonna take a drive over there in the
next couple of days and take some pictures, which I will post
here....might be until Monday or later because I'm watching football
the entire weekend.


Football!  Which is more important here???

Just teasing.  Would like to see the photo's and hear your perspective of
how the scene looks in person.  And how different it appears now from when
St. John was there.  I heard Tim Miller, Equi-search, last night.  I believe
he said he first came in Sept., and the area the body was found was under
water then.  And that the landowner or a neighbor of the land told him it
had only been a little over a week that the area the body was, the water had


Ditto for me, Ron. See if there is a road and if the body was close
to a
hill or to the dirt road you mentioned.