Re: UPDATE/ Innocent Victims, the Tim Hennis Murders

"td" <tinydancer@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Anxious for this trial to begin, as I remember well the first time around
the Tim Hennis/Kathryn Eastburn murders. I hope they nail him for good
time. He's had a whole lifetime that Eastburn and her two little
didn't have.

Lawyers battle for records in Hennis hearing

A staff report
Lawyers in the murder case against Army Master Sgt. Timothy Hennis battled
over access to information from previous trials this morning.

The defense asked for witness contact information, while government
want two pages of evidence that was given to an author and movie producers
who made accounts of the murders of Kathryn Eastburn and two of her
children. The three were killed in their home near Fort Bragg in 1985.

A court-martial for Hennis is expected to begin July 7. Civilian
tried and convicted him in 1986 and sentenced him to death.

Awarded a new trial on appeal, he was was acquitted by another civilian
in 1989.

DNA testing of evidence from Eastburn's body in 2006 revived the case and
prompted the Army to levy new charges. If convicted, Hennis could once
be sentenced to death.

At Tuesday's hearing, government lawyers asked for two pages of documents
created by Gerald Beaver, who represented Hennis in his civilian trials.
Attorneys argued that the documents were no longer protected by
attorney-client privilege because he gave the documents to an author and a
movie producer.

The lawyers did not say what they thought the documents would show.

The defense asked that the prosecution turn over all the addresses and
telephone numbers of any witnesses from the first two trials. The
prosecution has said it will only hand over information for witnesses it
intends to call.

The judge didn't rule on any requests this morning. The next hearing in
case was set for March 31.

I hope this trial does the trick too. How galling that he was free for so
long, and then held up as a poster boy for wrongful conviction.