Re: Whatever Happened to Snyder and Bo Raxo?

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As to phone calls amongst posters, I've never done it, but I
think it's kinda kewl if people make personal friendships here
(or anywhere). I remember in the old old days of atc, people used
to meet up, even spend time together on trips and so forth. Come
to think of it, that was kinda creepy. Nevermind. But anyway, I
do say I think it'd be fun to meet some of you guys in person for
a cuppa or a drink.

jc (hates talkin on the phone in general tho)

I don't know a thing about snyder. somehow I doubt he's posting
here, it would be too hard for him to disguise his *true self*. ;-> Bo isn't posting here under any *nym. He grew tired of
the pettiness and crap, much like this thread has become.

No he didn't; he ran away after accidently exposing his "real name" which tied him to a life which embarrassed him for some reason.

Can you give more details? I recall you posting he revealed himself in an unambiguous way a few months ago, but I couldn't figure it out. What I lack in intelligence I make up for in curiosity, tho... :-P