Re: Dr. Phil and the "Shocking Confessions" of husband Wade

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I just saw the 3rd part of the series on Michelle and Wade. Wade is a
large, bulky, bald veteran who "confessed" to murdering 2 people in
Macedonia and a woman in the U.S.
� �Does anyone have any more info on this?
� �Hallucinations? Hoax? What?

This was a repeat broadcast from some months back. I thought the confessions
were truly frightening. Why the wife was still with him is beyond me. From
what I understand LE have not been able to verify missing women and or
bodies found........but I have not heard of any updates on this story. I
would like to know the outcome of this story. The man/husband is a time
bomb, whether he imagined the killings or not --he is still dangerous......


I think he is cunning but not murderous...This whole murder confession
has gotten her out of talking divorce and back into bed with
him...Acting out rape fantasies....She argued it was his idea, then he
said it was hers, and she shut up quickly. I think she's sicker than
he is...too bad their are 4 children involved.

I only caught a little bit of what was the first or second episode.
Dr. Phil
was talking to the wife on the phone and he said something about the
husband calling to say the wife was cutting herself again, and the
said it was true but she hadn't done it again since this whole thing
about the possible murders started. I thought what a drama queen,
she's getting attention in another way. She's as much a problem as he
is. I switched channels.