NC/Fort Bragg: "person of interest" + strange letter in Megan Touma case

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I'm still wondering if this wasn't a suicide. The disturbed furniture didn't
sound all that disturbed to me, and though it may have happened during a
struggle betw 2 people, it also maybe just happened due to her stumbling or
something? It's tempting to think the father of her child did it - has
autopsy confirmed she really was pregnant, is that how police knew she was
pregnant? or did someone tell them? Very odd no one knew who the father was,
not even a first name. My first thought was that he is married. Or of a rank
that isn't supposed to consort with enlistees. But this all has such an
unreal quality about it. I'm just not convinced there was any baby or
fiance. The supposed blood on the drywall ...foul play - if it IS blood....
hard to know what to think about this one.


Story here:

I thought of suicide, too, until the letter arrived at the
newspaper offices.....with the date and time that the body
was found, AND with a "symbol" in it that matches something
written on the mirror in lipstick.

The letter also took responsibility for "the body" and
stated that "I've killed several people in other states"
(paraphrasing). LE claims that the letter is a ruse -

As far as the moved furniture goes: if she had a laptop
computer, she may have had to pull out that bedside
table just to find a plug-in. I forgot to put ours
back in place, this morning (but I left no lipstick
message on the mirror - so I'm safe).