Re: UPDATE: Jodi Huisentruit Journal Sent to Newspaper

tiny dancer wrote:

Mason City, IA- It's the latest twist in the unsolved disappearance of KIMT
anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit.

A copy of her personal journal is anonymously sent to a reporter at a local

Jodi was on her way to work in the early morning hours of June 27, 1995.
Since then, thousands of potential leads have been followed. There are
still no answers of where Jodi is nearly 13-years later.

The journal contains more than 80 pages. Jodi spells out her personal
goals. They include moving to a bigger TV market and trying to drop her
Minnesota accent. The entries reveal a young journalist striving to become
better person, both in her career, and in life.

She was energetic, fun loving, and career oriented, the words from the pages
of her journal reveal some of her most intimate thoughts.

"Live with passion daily. Be passionate in everyday life. Live the way I
want to live-be generous, kind," she wrote in January of 1994.

Globe Gazette Editor Joe Butweiler couldn't believe the documents were in
his hands. He says it appears to have been part of a new life improvement
program for Jodi.

"She would write down on many different days, things that she wanted, she
wanted to get to a larger market, she wanted to earn so many thousand
dollars a year," he said.

He called Iowa's Division of Criminal Investigation and Mason City Police to
find out if the journal was genuine. They told him what he has is real.

"It's not a separate copy it's the same copy that was made when our copy was
made, DCI's copy was made and FBIs, it's the same," said Mason City Police
Chief Mike Lashbrook.

After learning it was real the second question is where did the journal come
from? Chief Lashbrook says it isn't from his department or any other
investigating agency. He says they can tell by the markings.

"In preparing it for their files they put markings on them, or just through
punch holes or staple marks, or whatever, those things become unique to that
document," he explains.

And why now, after 13 years would someone send the diary anonymously to a

"Sure I've gotten anonymous tips about things, but never the journal of
someone who had gone missing like this," Buttweiler said.

Chief Lashbrook says they are working with DCI to figure out who sent the
journal. If it's someone in law enforcement they could be prosecuted. The
journal could be very helpful if they do find a suspect in Jodi's case.

Mason City Police say although Jodi's disappearance is considered a cold
case, they still get tips on a regular basis. Last November Cindy Sweeney
was sentenced to jail time for lying to police about the case.

It was bizarre when this happened. There obviously was somebody bent out of
shape by something Jody said or did
or represented - at least that was our thought. These were
good kids, Jody and her friends during their college days
and working at CedarRapids. I remember an ice storm one
day when Jody and her friends were trying to get out of
town to get to their jobs in CR. They pushed and shoved
trying to get their vehicle going ... so I finally went out and
said, "Look! Even if you get to the highway its unsafe to go
anywhere." One of the boys looked at me and laughed and
said, 'Ive been telling Jody that for half an hour!' " Jody was
almost in tears at the thought of missing a day's work. I
slide over to her on the pavement and told he she just had
to wait for a sand truck or something. She replied, "I know."
They got their car back in a parking space and went inside,
and the next thing I saw was them back outside skating on
the ice having fun, laughing, all of them very close friends ...
then a few years later they all graduated and then this. It
was impossible to believe.

I prefer to think she ran away and is still alive somewhere -
having fled the pressure of the journalism she loved so much
but could be very demanding. I feel for her family and her

I will always see these kids out skating on the ice that one
lost afternoon when life and responsibility took a break and
kids could be kids, for a day. God bless her. I hope they
get to the bottom of this someday soon.

.. . .