Re: Update: Los Angeles Couple That Tortured 5 Yr Old Arrested

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Millions of kids are tortured every day - it's called "spanking",
Am I
Oh man, this is way different than spanking for cripes sake.
Only in degree. Spanking is inflicting pain on a defenseless child.
Assaulting an adult and inflicting pain is not allowed, not even for
worst criminals, I don't know why it's allowed on defenseless
Don't be dim, there is a thing called discipline and it isn't even
close to what this child endured.
Are you for real, or just stupid?
I was spanked. It taught me about actions and consequences. Although, I
was never beaten unmercifully. I know it is a debate that has
reasoning on both sides, but I don't believe that a time-out or
interpersonal scolding would have had a better result on my

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I agree, I knew what would happen if I crossed the line, so I didn't
cross it!

But it sounds like you thought about it.

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Yes numbnuts, which I would not have done if there were no
consequences. I would have DONE IT.
Discipline teaches children boundaries, and that is why today you have
so many rude effing teens and young adults, becuase dipsticks like you
don't want to "inflict pain" by teaching children what is acceptable


Right on, bessie. One can always tell children who have been effectively
disciplined. They aren't the ones that everyone is turning around to look
at in stores and restaurants because they are being such brats. You teach
them from toddler on and by the time they start school, they aren't
disobedient brats who cause problems.