Re: UPDATE: Boy Dead after being Tied to Tree

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Photo of the dead child and audio of the original 911 call at link.

I didn't realize his biological mother died of cancer a couple years ago (I haven't followed this one much). I'd think the father would be very sensitive to his son's behavior issues as he becomes a teen after losing his mom fairly recently. I am not singling out the father because he is a man, but because he is the biological father, shares the lost loved one, and should have been a source of support and compassion for the boy. And I *do* know how difficult teens can be, they can bring any sane person to wit's end, but still...

The step mom looks like a drunk to me. Wonder what the alcohol consumption was in that house.

Notice in the 911 call they both tried to gloss over when asked what the boy was doing before he stopped breathing.

Yes, much was mentioned of that locally, the avoidance of replying when asked repeatedly about what the son was doing before he passed out. There have also been photo's and video of the tree, with a rope tied around it. I read about the bio mom's cancer on local message boards. Someone posted that it was a long and horrible illness the bio mom suffered. Someone else posted that dad and step mom hooked up online, and had been living in Florida until about three months ago.

Dad looked horrible in his first court appearance, sobbing. Mom and dad didn't look at each other at all. Mom appeared detached from the whole thing. Still no word on if they were both at home all day, if one or the other worked outside the home. It looked like the property was set pretty far back from the road, and the tree appeared to be behind the house.

Guess I should have paid more attention. Maybe I'll read up in the thread more.

I wonder if the stepmom was the driver for the over the top punishment. I know the steps, who don't share a blood bond with a kid, often tend to be the mean "parent". A lot of time it is some guy shacking up who mistreats the kids, but in this case I wonder if she egged the father on against his better judgment. Makes no difference now, plus it is just a question, speculation about the dynamics in that house.