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Why? Old lady hasn't shot anyone yet. Civilization has been safe all
these years. But *in this instance* the poor baby was kicked and stomped
to death by his father, on Fathers Day, no less. With lots of people
around, yet no one was able to stop it. You don't see a lot of situations
where innocent people are being gunned down by good Samaritans, do you?
Lot's of states have a right to carry law. How many times do we read
stories of citizens, carrying, and shooting up innocent citizens? Just
doesn't happen. Most people who have permits to carry, also have training
and are responsible in handling their weapon.

If you have statistics (lol), feel free to post them. There are more than
8,000 accidental shooting deaths per year. The number of accidental
non-fatal shootings is no doubt much higher. You want to show me some good
stats about lives saved by guns? Love to see them. Hell, we read all the
time about *police* *officers* shooting the wrong person.

Statistics consistently show that having a gun in your house, even after
factoring in sex, age, income, and other demographic factors, greatly
increases your chances of being a victim of homicide (and death by suicide
as well).

Guns cater to people's worst impulses, that's what makes them dangerous.
Your fantasy of cool minded citizens correctly taking a shot, at night,
while a crazy man flails away 20 feet from them, is just insane.

Here's the reality of readily available guns:

In the case of homicide, evidence shows that in many killings the offender
did not have a single-minded intention to kill, and thus the lethality of
the instrument used in the crime affected the outcome. Because homicides in
the home usually follow altercations, and situational factors such as
alcohol or drug consumption are often present, the presence of a lethal
weapon increases the risk that a death will occur. Unsafe storage is also a
risk factor, although the presence of a firearm has been found to be more
critical than its accessibility.
In the case of suicide, studies have found that having access to a firearm
in the home increases the risk of suicide; suicide rates are five or six
times higher than in homes without guns. Restrictions on carrying firearms,
enhanced sentences for the use of firearms in criminal offenses and
legislation (e.g., in Canada), and compelling firearms in the home to be
guarded under lock and key have been associated with reduced deaths by
suicide and homicide. According to a study conducted by Colin Loftin and
colleagues, a widespread prohibition of handguns in the Washington, D.C.,
area in 1976 also appeared to be effective in decreasing mortality by 25
percent in the ten years following adoption of those restrictive laws,
compared to no similar reductions in adjacent metropolitan areas in Maryland
and Virginia where the law did not apply.

Persons opposed to legislative controls on firearms see criminals and
suicidal individuals as being motivated by an intransigent need to harm
others or themselves that is predetermined before any lethal event occurs.
According to this view situational factors, such as the presence of a
firearm, are irrelevant because these people will commit their premeditated
acts irrespective of the means available. Opponents of gun control also feel
that if "guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns." These opinions
ignore the reality that many homicides and suicides are impulsive and
passionate acts where the presence of a lethal weapon immediately available
greatly increases the risk of a lethal outcome. Furthermore, many people who
commit acts of violence, including homicide, have no known history of
criminal behavior. Research has shown that suicidal people have a much
greater likelihood of not dying by suicide if a particular preferred lethal
means is not available. Studies conducted since the mid-1970s have shown
that situational influences, including the availability of firearms, can be
critical in the outcome of an event.


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