Re: OT for Bo: Dog saves boy from drowning

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A 5-year-old boy who was mauled by a Labrador-cross dog in Alice Springs
yesterday remains in a stable condition in hospital.

Not to make too much fun or downplayed a innocent 5 year old getting
put into the hospital by a dog..

If I was a Lab living in Alice Springs, I would maul children too. I
have been to Alice Springs, imagine Phoenix with no A/C.

So, everybody is either old, or black?

It was probably a Dingo/Lab Mix, or that is my guess....

Oh sure, always blaming the dingos. People lose a kid at the mall, they're
saying dingos took it. Hasn't tiny taught you that attacks aren't breed

From which I conclude they're all equally bad, but YMMV.

A great political slogan:

"Vote for me, I would maul children too."

"Think of the tasty, edible children!"