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David Lohr wrote:
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Hey Guys,

As some of you are now aware, I am a producer with the Discovery
Channel's new network, Investigation Discovery. I wanted to stop by
and let you all know about some cool new features on our Website,
which is about true crime, serial killers, investigations and

We recently put together a new page on the site devoted to the show
Deranged. In case you haven't seen it yet, Deranged is a show that
goes inside original investigations of popular cases, getting the step-
by-step stories from eye-witnesses, the original investigators,
forensic scientists and the killers themselves.

Within the new section of our site you can check out the "FearBook"
and find out which killer was voted class clown and you can also
follow their every move, along with timelines detailing their crimes,
capture and punishment.

While you're there, check out the section on Notorious prisons and
also see how many points you can score on our Serial Killer quiz.

Check it out:

You might also enjoy our new crime blotter page, where you can read
about new and developing true crime cases as they happen:

There are plenty of other interesting features on the site, including
video, games and a variety of other interactive content that you can
explore! Check it out:

Feedback is always welcomed, so if you have any suggestions for future
content you would like to see on the site please feel free to let us


David Lohr

The website looks nice, has some interesting features, like the sleuth blog and quizzes. Thanks :)