Robbers in Comcast Uniforms, with Comcast Van, break in to apartment

And you though Comcast was robbing you blind, I guess it can get worse.
Wonder what option on the call center menu covers this unscheduled service

Bo Raxo

Link includes photo of what a Comcast van looks like. Some brilliant
editing there, Lou.

A Baltimore area man was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries
after two men broke in to an apartment, demanded money and then shot him
before fleeing in a Comcast van, according to police. Officials have not yet
determined whether or not the men work for Comcast, and calls to Comcast by
WBAL radio and the AP were not returned.
ABC 7 Baltimore says the man was handcuffed and crashed through his own
window in order to escape the robbers:

The victim, who was handcuffed and had been shot in the stomach, apparently
tried to flee the intruders by jumping through a window

"He had handcuffs on, and I can say he broke out the window in the bedroom
there and he had the handcuffs on," said neighbor Marvin King. "He rolled
over, got up, and called the police."

One witness says he saw the men messing around with the cable box outside
the apartment before going to the victim's apartment.

Always remember to ask for proper identification when allowing telecom
workers into your home. It's also a good idea not to be alone.

[ At home?!? Man, and people criticize me when I say don't hike in the woods
alone. - Bo ]