Re: Friends and Authorities Baffled by Prominent Couple's Disappearance

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Friends and authorities baffled by prominent couple's disappearance
Saturday, March 8th 2008, 5:35 PM

Wealthy couple John and Elizabeth Calvert vanished on Monday, leaving
behind their yacht, Mercedes, private plane and pet cat.

They seem to have simply vanished, shutting off their cell phones,
missing important business meetings and abandoning their 2006
Mercedes-Benz and a private plane.

The disappearance of prominent couple John and Elizabeth Calvert has
baffled investigators in Hilton Head Island, S.C., and gripped the
upscale resort town.

Update: The police had a "person of interest", the last person to see
them alive, but he just committed suicide.

Not a good sign. Expect the bodies to turn up fairly soon.

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. - The man named as a person of interest in the
disappearance of a Hilton Head Island couple appears to have committed
suicide, authorities said Tuesday.

The body of Dennis Ray Gerwing was found by his lawyer around 4 p.m. in
the bathroom of a resort condominium unit his company manages, according
to a news release from the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

Gerwing left behind two notes that are being examined by state agents,
said deputies, who refused to release the contents of the notes.

An autopsy has been schedule for Wednesday. Authorities called the death
an apparent suicide, but would not disclose any other details.

Gerwing, 54, was named a person of interest earlier Tuesday and was not
cooperating with officers investigating the disappearance last week of
John and Elizabeth Calvert, deputies said.

Sounds like Gerwing was cooking the books. Hilton Head is such an
exclusive enclave. I'd imagine this is really shocking happening there of
all places.

Hilton Head couple's disappearance | 'Person of interest' likely killed self
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HILTON HEAD ISLAND - A former business associate of a missing couple who
live part time on Hilton Head Island apparently committed suicide Tuesday
and left two notes, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

The body of Dennis Gerwing, whom the Sheriff's Office deemed earlier in the
afternoon a "person of interest in the disappearance case" of John and
Elizabeth Calvert, was found Tuesday in the upstairs bathroom of a Sea Pines
villa his company manages.

A 911 call was placed around 4 p.m. by Dan Saxon, an attorney representing
Gerwing, the Sheriff's Department said. Gerwing appeared to have been dead
for several hours, authorities said. An autopsy is scheduled today at the
Medical University of South Carolina.

Gerwing left behind two notes the State Law Enforcement Division is
studying, the Sheriff's Department said. Sheriff P.J. Tanner declined to
reveal the notes' contents or the method of suicide.

The Sheriff's Office said earlier Tuesday that Gerwing, chief financial
officer of The Club Group, was the last person to see the Calverts together
before they were reported missing March 4.

Authorities searched Gerwing's home, business and cars Saturday, the Sheriff's
Office said Tuesday. Investigators would not reveal what, if anything, was

Gerwing had not been cooperating with investigators and had obtained a
lawyer, the Sheriff's Office said.

John Calvert, 47, is owner of the company that operates the Harbour Town
Yacht Basin, where his yacht, which serves as a part-time home, is still
moored. Calvert had a business relationship with Gerwing's The Club Group
through the end of last year. The Club Group provided administrative support
to Calvert's island businesses. The two parties had an amicable split, Mark
King, president of The Club Group, said last week.

"In the more than two years our firm has been associated with the Calverts,
we had a good working relationship," said King in a statement late Tuesday.

King said his firm received notice from the Calverts that they planned to
transfer all the services The Club Group had been performing to their own
companies. The details of the transition were being handled exclusively by
Gerwing, King said.

Others, however, suggest the split was less than friendly. A source close to
John Calvert's yacht basin business, who asked not to be identified, said
Gerwing kept the books for John Calvert for a couple of years. That
relationship ended recently.

The source said John Calvert wanted to confront Gerwing about
inconsistencies in the bookkeeping, but couldn't say how big those
irregularities might be. The source also couldn't say whether that was the
topic of a meeting John and Elizabeth Calvert had with Gerwing at Gerwing's
office March 3, the day the couple disappeared.

But any potential involvement Gerwing might have had in the Calverts'
disappearance was a shock to many who knew him.

Frank Fowler, chairman of the Harbour Town Yacht Basin Slip Owners
Association, knew Gerwing for a decade.

"I absolutely would be the most shocked person in the world if there was any
involvement (on his part)," he said. "This guy just ain't capable of
anything violent. He's just not."

The Calverts have been married for 20 years and have no children.

Elizabeth Calvert has a brother, David, in Decatur, Ga. Both of John Calvert's
parents are dead. His brother, Scott, died a few years ago.

Tuesday's twists have left some frightened that John and Elizabeth Calvert
may never be found.

"As much as I'd love to see John and Liz again, I'm not holding out much
hope for that," said Mark Leinmiller, who has been friends with John Calvert
since the two were fraternity brothers at Georgia Tech in the early 1980s.

"I can't come up with any positive outcome at this point."