FL - Boy dies in hope chest (cedar chest)

Cedar chests were popular for years, but after a number of children dying in them (heavy, self-locking lids close on the kids and they can't get out), I thought everyone got rid of the things. We did. If you still have one, have it cut up with a chain saw, and dispose of it. Don't donate it or give it away, which would put another child in danger. That anyone would put one of these in a kid's room, is unbelievable.

Video here, showing the cedar chest:

Apparently, they let the toddler "play" in the POS (above link), confirmed here:

Dead toddler found in hope chest
Laurin Sellers

Sentinel Staff Writer

4:39 PM EST, February 7, 2008


A father found his 2-year-old son dead inside a hope chest early Thursday after the toddler apparently climbed in to watch television, investigators said.

"This looks like an accidental, horrible thing,'' said Lt. Bruce Barnett of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. The boy, whose name was not released, apparently suffocated inside the chest that was used for storing linens in the bedroom he shared with his 6-year-old brother, Barnett said.

The older boy told detectives they woke up Thursday night and decided to watch television in their room.

"He said the little 2-year-old went over to the chest and got in,'' said Barnett. "He said they were watching TV and he fell asleep.''

The boys' father found the child inside the closed chest at about 7 a.m. and called for help, Barnett said. An autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.