Re: Has anyone been able to kill file all the off topic message?

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I can't help but wonder if those responsible look for posts
discussing it to ascertain if their flooding is having the
desired effect. IOW, we've likely made them joyous...


That makes a lot of sense what you said, except everybody seems to
have ignored it for some reason for weeks and it hasn't seemed to
lighten up. It drives me crazy weeding thru everything trying not
to miss a poster I enjoy reading.


I'm not seeing any of them, so it must be HipCrime floods; I use
server-side filtering (offered by my ISP.) You might check your ISP
news settings to see if you have the option. I have to login to my ISP
internet account to see the settings. Most ISPs offer this option.

Thanks for the info Sharon. I signed into my ISP (AT&T) and there are no options for news settings, only for the email settings. I also checked the properties for newsgroups, no options for that. Just now when I signed in there were approx another 300 of them to weed thru and mark as read. I checked a few headers and they vary, Florida, Colorado, Verizon wireless, etc etc. Maybe they will just eventually go away.