Re: Rowan Ford Update:Hotline call was for lice

SPRINGFIELD -- After Rowan Ford of Stella was found raped and murdered last
week, some people wondered whether anyone had raised concerns about possible
abuse of the 9-year-old girl before she disappeared. Documents made public
by the Missouri Department of Social Services on Thursday show investigators
found no evidence that she was abused.
In response to a Sunshine Law request by KY3 News, DSS sent 36 pages of
documents that detail its contacts with Rowan?s family. The bottom line is
DSS investigators didn't feel like Rowan or her siblings were in any
immediate danger. DSS reported "there are no children likely to be in danger
of serious harm."

A DSS worker had contact with Rowan's family in March 2000 and reported some
hygiene problems with Rowan and her sisters. Other than that, the worker
found the family was fine. At the time of that investigation, David Spears
was not in the home. Spears is now one of two men charged with raping and
killing her. The other is Spears? friend Chris Collings.

In January 2006, when Spears was living with Rowan, someone called the child
abuse hotline about a case of head lice. The person who made that call felt
like it was a situation that was not being taken care of -- chronic head