Re: Update: missing (found) Ohio women

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The property (right next to the freeway) was never searched, because it


I'm fascinated by this, because I can't figure out what went wrong with
TWO women...and why one of them died walking, only 600 feet from the

I bet the 68 yo driver had a heart attack which sent them into the
ravine/dry creek bed. And the 80 yo, she just not must not have been
strong enough to fight thru the "dense foliage". Wonder that the
elements were like there that day in April?


That might explain why the one was laying on a blanket next to the car
and the older one was trekking to the freeway. Except they said she was
on the ground outside the passenger side and the car belonged to the
80-yr-old. Maybe the 68-yr-old had some other med probs explaining why
she wasn't driving and wasn't the one trying to make it to the freeway.


Oh. For some reason I thought the younger woman was driving. Thought I
read that. (Maybe I was thinking of my dad after my mom died. At his
retirement village he had a car, but had very bad eyesight by then. So one
of the ladies who lived there w/out transport would drive a whole group of
them in my dad's car to the groc store and other places. And to visit me
too. It was a great arrangement.) Even if the older woman owned the car,
maybe the younger woman was usually the driver? Or not? She was on the
passenger side, huh? The fact that the younger woman looks to have had a
weight problem also made me wonder about a possible heart attack. Poor


Wasson, the older woman (car owner, likely driver) is the heavier one ;)
Walters, the 68-year-old with the knee problems, was the passenger.

Similar names, the younger one with one of those "old lady blonde"
wigs.....and they're hard to tell apart.

That's not correct. Wasson is the thin, little 80 year old lady in
the blonde wig.
Walters is the younger, heavy, wigless, with salt and pepper hair 60-
something one.