Re: Pizza-Bomber Mystery Solved?

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As for the family, they are upset because the indictee is saying he
was part of a crime that led to his death, when they, as I do, believe
he is totally innocent. Would you "shut up" under those circumstances?


I thought I heard that investigators found bomb making evidence -
instructions and/or paraphernalia - in David Wells' residence.

Anyone else hear this?
If they did there almost wouldn't had been any question of his
complicity. That is an old myth. The man was at least mildly mentally
retarded in any case and would had been very unlikely be able to
construct a home made bomb. And again, why use a real one where a
dummy would do? Even the authorities are saying now there was some
coersion in that. They just say now that he had some complcity in the
plot but, as far as we know, so far we only have the word of the
alleged conspirators of his involvement.

Here is a more detailed story about it:

Until we have more than the words of the alleged conspirators I will
believe he is innocent.