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Here's an interesting one. Wish there was more info about how LE went
about their investigation and enough info for listening devices. jc

Kill Grandad, son - and I'll pay you when you're out of jail
Les Kennedy
May 29, 2007

Ernest Dick Clark ... shot dead.

IF YOU believe Ben Richard Clark, he shot dead his grandfather, Ernest,
on the night of April 29, 2005, when he lost his temper after enduring
years of provocation and abuse.

If you believe police, he did shoot the old man, but concocted the rest
of this story in a conspiracy with his father, Michael Rex Clark, who
masterminded the murder so they could share a bigger slice of Ernest's

Ben, 24, would confess to having gone "crackers" and - while serving a
light sentence of two years' jail - earn $35,000 in compound interest as
his share of his grandfather's remaining fortune of $660,000.

Otherwise, the Supreme Court at Darlinghurst heard yesterday, 44-year-old
Michael Clark was worried there would be nothing left of his father's
will. That was because Ernest was spending too much on his girlfriend of
14 years, Jessica Chung, whom Michael Clark had described as "an Asian
slut draining all his money".

What Michael and Ben Clark did not realise was that police had bugged
their home at Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains - and recorded their
alleged plot.

"At the start we made a pact. In it until the end," Michael Clark
allegedly told his son on the night of July 11, less than three months
after the murder. "The money is waiting for you. It will be f---ing
waiting for you, compound ... it's going to be hard ... be strong in your
guts ... it's going to be $35,000 in interest."

Ernest had amassed an $800,000 estate from the 2004 sale of his
refrigeration repair business at Granville, which he had "built from
scratch". But he moved in with Ms Chung and, after renovating and
furnishing her home, only $660,000 remained. Michael Clark found
inspiration on the day of July 11, according to the Crown prosecutor,
Mark Hobart. Clark, by now feeling the heat from police, had gone to a
homicide support group with his new wife, Jennifer Ann Clark. As he
allegedly told Ben in their recorded conversation that night, someone at
the meeting had spoken of a man who served only two years' jail for
murdering his wife after claiming he was driven to it by years of
provocation and abuse.

"Claim provocation, mate," Michael Clark allegedly told his son that
night, suggesting he could tell police, "because he used to punch and
kick me around when I used to work there".

Three days later, Ben was arrested and confessed. He has already pleaded
guilty to the murder and maintains he acted alone due to provocation.

Now Michael Clark is on trial for murder before a jury. He has pleaded
not guilty to murder before the fact, but guilty to being an accessory to
murder after the fact, claiming he acted misguidedly to protect his son.

Also before the court is Ann Clark, charged with hindering the police
investigation by allegedly telling her husband to use a "secure phone".

Mr Hobart told the jury that Michael and Ann Clark had been in desperate
financial straits, owing $60,000 with both their credit cards at their
limit, and after Ernest refused them a $50,000 loan. Ernest had spoken of
paying off Ms Chung's mortgage and buying her the fish and chip shop
where she worked.

"The motive was to kill him and get his half before it was all spent," Mr
Hobart said.

Sounds like a good movie.


I hope we continue to get progress reports (sometimes I don't see them in
the paper for some reason). I want to know how long it takes the son to
crumble and implicate Pops. And what was that about the new wife being
charged with obstruction because she suggested a "secure phone"? Laws so
diff here than there. Surely they're just trying to threaten her into
implicating her husb.



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