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Stray Cats Break-In Neb. Home, Attack Three

March 14, 2007 6:47 p.m. EST

Shaveta Bansal - All Headline News Staff Writer
North Platte, NE (AHN) - Two stray cats caused havoc Monday when they broke
into a home in North Platte and attacked three people, including two women
and a boy. According to police, animal control officer John Pettit went to
the home of Melissa Breva after she called him to help get rid of two wild
cats she had shut up in a bedroom after the felines attacked two women
visiting her home.

Breva told the police that cats entered the house through the front door and
attacked the women without any reason.

One woman, Wendy Holliday, suffered numerous scratches, Chief of Police
Martin Gutschenritter told the North Platte Telegraph, and she was bitten on
both ankles, both knees and on her left calf. While other woman, Rebecca
Cheever was bitten on the right calf, he said.

After talking to the ladies, Pettit turned to his truck to grab "cat
catchers," but suddenly he heard somebody screaming from inside.

Pettit ran back to the house to find a young boy, who apparently opened the
bedroom door, being bitten on the face by the cats, Gutschenritter told the

All three were taken to Great Plains Regional Medical Center for treatment,
while Pettit shot the cats with a tranquilizer. The felines were taken to
the animal shelter, where they were euthanized.

The bodies were sent to Lincoln for rabies checks, Gutschenritter says.

Under city laws, cats may venture away from owner's property as long as they
don't become nuisances. Police are looking for the owner of the cats.

Okay Tiny, you really got me this time. I guess this'll be your
latest reason to advocate having a gun in the house - the ever-present
danger of brutal cat attacks. Oh man, it's not often I guffaw out
loud at a post here but this one really did crack me up.

When I saw the headline, I thought of that really awful 80s group The
Stray Cats and that annoying song that says "We're Gonna Rock This
Town" about fifty million times with some rockabilly lick that
wouldn't rock a rowboat.

That kind of behavior, I'd really worry that the cats had rabies. But
I guess they could just be feral. It's one heck of a strange story -
I mean, when have you heard of cats attacking in pairs, they're
solitary hunters.

Two of the family cats who hated and avoided each other would
occassionally team up against a bird or lizard.

Maybe this means the cats are starting to organize, team up, work
together. If so, let's face it: humanity is doomed.

Based on my own past experience, it just sounded to me like the cats
were being playful.

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