Re: Man charged with stabbing his wife's puppy in domestic violence incident

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Man charged with stabbing his wife's puppy in domestic violence incident

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis man, who, police say, violently
stabbed his wife's pit bull puppy as an intimidation tactic to keep her in
line remained in custody Wednesday.

John Wayne Hornaday faces charges in Marion and Johnson counties.

The allegation was outlined by police and in Johnson and Marion county
court documents.

Hornaday, 25, remained in the Marion County Jail on Wednesday under
$250,000 bail on 19 domestic violence-related charges. Eleven of the charges
are felonies, including domestic battery, criminal confinement and battery
with injury.

Hornaday's father, Wayne Hornaday, 47, and his father's girlfriend,
Teresa Key, 37, both of the 2800 block of Mars Hill Street, are also facing
confinement charges in connection with the investigation.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Detective Robin Bennett,
John Wayne Hornaday's wife, Heather Hornaday, 18, said she was held at her
father-in-law's residence and not allowed to leave for four days in early
January. She also told police Wayne Hornaday threatened her life.

A court document alleges the elder Hornaday told Heather Hornaday that
if his son killed her, he would help him hide her body.

John Wayne Hornaday, who was arrested Jan. 12, was charged Monday in
Johnson County with two counts of cruelty to an animal, one a felony.

The dog was stabbed six times, including a slice across its throat,
early Dec. 14 and was found later that day wandering the Westminster
apartment complex near U.S. 31 and County Line Road. Hornaday and his wife
lived in the complex but moved a short time later.

Hornaday also faces a Johnson County charge of false informing.
Investigators said Hornaday tried to blame the dog's injuries on another
person who lived in the apartment complex.

A Westminster employee discovered the wounded puppy, and it was taken
to a veterinarian.

The dog, now named Lilly, has recovered and is being cared for by Indy
Pit-Crew, according to Warden Shawn P. Donovan, head of Johnson County
Animal Control.

A woman is beten and held captive for FOUR DAYS, with the help of her
father in law, who tells her if her husband kills her he'll help hide
the body.

And the reporter makes the lead of the story - a puppy got hurt. Not
even killed, mind you, but hurt.

Hello, I think the dog's bleeding was the least of Heather Hornaday's
worries, at the time.

Bo Raxo