Re: Eric Copple gets life with no parole for 2 Napa stabbing deaths

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Man gets life with no parole for 2 Napa stabbing deaths

- Marisa Lagos, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 6, 2006
(12-06) 12:43 PST NAPA, California -- Eric Matthew Copple will spend
life in prison without the possibility of parole, prosecutors said,
after pleading guilty Tuesday to charges that he stabbed two Napa
to death in 2004.
In exchange for the plea, Copple will not face the possibility of the
death penalty, said Napa County Chief Deputy District Attorney Mark
Boessenecker. The plea deal comes more than a year after Copple
originally pleaded not guilty to murdering Adrian Insogna, a
district engineer, and Leslie Mazarra, a former beauty queen, on Nov.
"(The plea) was the product of discussions with his attorney and the
victims' families," said Boessenecker.
Copple was charged with two counts of homicide as well as two special
circumstances -- multiple murders and lying in wait -- that could have
made him eligible for the death penalty. The 27-year-old former Napa
land surveyor will be officially sentenced Jan. 11, Boessenecker said.
The double homicide occurred early on Nov. 1, while both women slept.
third female housemate fled the house and called police.
Authorites still don't know Copple's motive in the slayings. One of
victims, Insogna, was a co-worker and best friend of Copple's
then-fiance, Lily, who married him two moths after the murders.
Copple turned himself in to police Sept. 27, 2005, less than a week
after police announced that DNA testing had shown that the killer
Camel Turkish Gold cigarettes, Copple's brand.

Guess he won't be smoking those any more. Do they allow smoking
in California prisons? Wonder if his wife will now get a divorce.

We knew he did it, but we never did know why, right? Must have been
motivated, but so odd it's the only crime the guy ever committed
(seemingly - since apparently his DNA was never tied to any other

IIRC, it was alluded to that he had some sort of *problem* with his wife's
relationship with Insogna, didn't he? Wasn't his wife and Insogna
to take a trip to Australia in the immediate future, around the time of
killings? I don't know, perhaps it was the undercurrent, but I had the
feeling he thought/suspected/feared his wife and Insogna were more than
simply *friends*??

Odd too the way that last sentence in the above article is worded. They
actually found the guy's DNA on those cig butts, iirc, which were near
tree where LE knew the killed lay in wait; just took forever to test this
particular guy's DNA. Wasn't that it? jc

Hadn't they kept secret the type of cigarette's the killer smoked? And
wasn't until that fact became common knowledge that those around him
realized he smoked that very odd brand? I could be wrong again, as I
remember the exact details to this one that clearly, but I thought he
given his DNA for a long time? Had made excueses or simply not shown up
give it? I don't think LE even suspected him *because* his wife was the
best friend of one of the victims?


Hmmm. You could be right. Yes, I too recall they did not find him
suspicious, like you say, maybe because his wife was a friend, and maybe
also because he readily agreed to give up his DNA iirc? tho may not have
actually gotten around to it somehow (again like you say)? It also took ages
for his DNA to get tested didn't it, too? There was something about the
brand of cigs - you know, I think once it came out what the brand was, I
think he may have confessed? Oh, wish I remembered. It was all so unusual.