Re: OT: I'm considering going "homeless by choice"

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Uncle Clover wrote:
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Having just lost my job and still working on getting myself moved up to
Pennsylvania again, it occurs to me that I am really rather adrift at this point
(I still haven't found another job). I'm half considering taking a year or two
to "live off the land", so to speak, perhaps wandering around the country over
the course of a year. Just me and my dog. I have a small, very lightweight
tent, more than ample tools as far as knives, axes & such. I'm only just
looking into it at this point, but I'd be curious to receive any feedback from
y'all - thoughts, opinions, advice, etc....

IMO that would be a bad idea.

You still need money for gas, food, camping if you camp in campgrounds, etc. Even if *you* plan on living off bark and leaves, your dog needs dog food. Do you have a sufficient cash reserve? If not, you'll need to figure out a way to get money. I highly recommend avoiding doing anything illegal, so you're kinda stuck with finding a job doing something. Bumming money isn't that lucrative for anyone other than cute kids. If you get temp jobs, what will you do with the doggie while you're out getting money?

Don't forget about a medical emergency. You won't have any medical resources because you'll have no insurance. I realize that may be the case right now since you lost your job, but at the moment it sounds like you've got 4 walls and a ceiling. Living in the elements there will be a lot more that can go wrong physically - including you'll be an easier target for violence if you end up in populated areas.

If you are in PA it will get cold in the winter. You'd better go south if you want to do this. Otherwise you'll be stuck seeking shelter, probably in urban areas, which gets into a kind of homelessness you don't want to get anywhere near.

It might get kinda lonely out there, just you and the dog for a year or two. You clearly like interacting with other humanoids, so... that might get old. You could hang around the Appalachian Trail if you are physically fit. There is a community of sorts that are hiking that trail where people get together at various points and camp together, swap stories, etc. My understanding is, that's rather fun. However, I personally wouldn't want to have that me my semi-permanent home.

Once you go down this path it might be harder to get out of it than you think. You'll be all dirty and hairy, everyone will think you're crazy, and it will be nearly impossible to get back into a more normal living situation on your own.

I'd recommend getting creative with the job search. Even a shitty job might be better than going down the path you're thinking. I'd take a critical look at this decision and don't romanticize "living off the land". There's a good reason most of us don't!

Just my $.02.

A very good $.02 at that. All I can add is that when you're ready to
come back to civilization and look for a job, you will have a two-year
gap in your job history that's unaccountable for. Employers tend to
wonder what you were doing during that time.

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