Re: Jury returns split verdict for father accused of killing four children

tiny dancer wrote:
How did this one slip past here? Four little babies dead?

Jury returns split verdict for father accused of killing four children

Updated Feb. 7, 2006, 10:18 a.m. ET

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A jury returned a split verdict Monday in the case of a
father accused in the deaths of his four young children over a nine-year

Robert Morris, 29, was convicted of third-degree murder in the deaths of two
infant sons, but was acquitted in the deaths of his two young daughters. He
faces life in prison when he is sentenced March 6.

He should also be neutered.

"The jury in this case had a lot of difficulty," said defense attorney
Daniel H. Greene. "I think it might have been a compromise verdict."

Police first questioned Morris at age 18, when his first two children,
5-month-old Lashai Payne and 18-month-old Shainara Payne, were found
suffocated in June 1995.

Prosecutor Ed Cameron has said jealousy prompted Morris to kill his
daughters, because he and their mother were breaking up.

How does a break-up with their mother result in the "jealous" killing
of the babies?
What was he "jealous" of?
Was the attention given the girls by his wife the cause for the
break-up? If not, it wouldn't be "jealousy", it would be "spiteful",
"vindictive", or any other vengeful reason for killing the babies, but
definately not out of "jealousy".

Authorities said Morris went on to have a third child with another woman. At
24 days old, Robert Morris died in October 2002. His death was initially
attributed to sudden infant death syndrome.

Morris then had a fourth child, Jhayden Morris, who died in December 2003 at
three months old, police said.

Medical examiners blamed the death on pneumonia, and police said the case
would have escaped notice if not for the girls' stepgrandfather, who called
investigators after reading about the deaths of the boys.

Cameron did not immediately return a telephone message left by The
Associated Press on Monday.

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