Havana IL murder suspect claims she had planned suicide

I ain't buying it. Here's my take--she's really pissed at Troy, takes
out the shotgun, & blasts him.

From the Peoria [IL] Journal Star--

Havana murder suspect had planned suicide
Thursday, February 2, 2006


HAVANA - A Havana woman told police she planned to commit suicide with
a shotgun but changed her mind and fired at her husband when she
mistook him for an intruder in the dark.

Janene Patton, 35, is charged in Mason County with three counts of
first-degree murder in the shooting death of Troy Patton, 34. The
couple had been fighting Friday night in the hours leading up to the
shooting early Saturday, according to police reports and a bartender
who served them that night.

The Pattons, who were married for nearly two years, were drinking Bud
Light at the Spoon River Tap in Lewistown on Friday night, bartender
Kandi Hickman said.

Hickman said neither of them drank a lot that night. Troy only had
beer and Janene had beer and one shot of "hot apple pie," an alcoholic

It had been a quiet night at the bar when Janene began yelling at
Troy, Hickman said. She said Janene seemed agitated, but Troy tried to
calm her down.

"She was yelling at him, and he was just trying to say let's get along
tonight," Hickman said.

Tensions escalated, and Hickman said Janene became very angry for a
few minutes.

"Just in that 10 minutes, she was a different person," she said.

The couple went to the back of the dark, narrow bar at one point and
Janene threw a beer bottle at her husband. The bottle struck him and
broke, but did not injure him, Hickman said.

Last call at the bar was at 1:30 a.m. and Hickman said Janene left
around 1:45. She said she thinks Troy either drove himself back to
their home at 220 S. High St. in Havana or got a ride there.

Janene Patton told police she and her husband renewed their dispute
when they got home. She said she went into the house, locked the door
and left her husband outside with no keys, intending to commit

Patton said she took a .12-gauge shotgun and ammunition from a drawer
in a gun cabinet in the living room.

"The first shotgun she tried would not work, so she threw it on the
floor and selected another," according to a police account of a
videotaped interview Patton did with them.

Patton chose another shotgun, loaded it and went to the back door of
the house to make sure the door was locked and her husband was

"He saw the gun in her hands and said that she might as well end his
life as well," according to the written police report.

She took the gun into the bathroom intending to kill herself, but
changed her mind, Patton said. She was walking to return the gun to
its cabinet when she "was startled by a shadowy figure in the bedroom,
pointed the shotgun at the figure and fired one round."

Troy Patton was killed when he was shot once in the head.

Janene Patton told police she realized she had shot her husband when
she turned on the light. She ran from the house shouting she needed
help because her husband was dead. When police arrived, Janene Patton
told them she had shot her husband, the report said.

Family members of Troy Patton have said Janene was abusive to him in
the past.

She remains in the Mason County Jail on $750,000 bond and said at a
Monday court hearing she is trying to hire a private attorney.

She is scheduled to return to court Feb. 9.

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