Jodi Huisentruit Murder

Killer of Jodi Sue Huisentruit and 4 others is . . .

Keith Dwayne Nelson
Sex: Male Race: Caucasian Age: 30 years
Federal Inmate Number: 07440-031
Terre Haute FCI - Death Sentence

Victims of Keith Dwayne Nelson

Jennifer Renee Odom of Blanton, Florida
Jodi Sue Huisentruit of Mason City, Iowa
Julie Ann Holmquist of Hallock, Minnesota
Kansas area waitress (Since Identified)
Michanne Mattson, Kansas City, Kansas
Pamela Butler of Kansas City, Kansas

Clothing from all of the above recovered from a mid-1980's white Ford
Econoline Van now in Police custody since 1999.
Personal effects from all of the above victims also recovered.

Body of Huisentruit only one not recovered, remains are in STATE of


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