Re: Charlotte Father Charged In Deaths Of Twin 5-Year-Old Girls

Picture of family at
Twins fatally stabbed; father charged
The N.C. family formerly had lived in Sacramento.
By Christina Jewett and Elizabeth Hume --
Sacramento Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 am PST Saturday, January 21, 2006

A former Sacramento bank executive was charged Friday with two counts
of first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of his twin 5-year-old
daughters in his home near Charlotte, N.C., police said.

David Lauren Crespi, 45, a vice president at Wachovia Bank, formerly
lived in the Pocket area and worked at Sacramento Savings Bank and the
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency before moving to the
Charlotte area in 2000.

Crespi had suffered from a five-year bout of depression and a very
recent stretch of insomnia, but was undergoing treatment, said his
father, Lauren Crespi, of Angels Camp.

"He had no history of this kind of problem," Crespi said.

David Crespi called police at about 12:39 p.m. Friday requesting
emergency response to his home in the Deerfield Creek community of
Matthews, said Keith Bridges, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokesman.

Officers found him on the driveway, distraught. Inside the home, they
found the girls, Samantha and Tessara, dead from stab wounds.

"It was very emotional for the police officers who had to respond,
attempting to rescue these children who unfortunately were already
gone," Bridges said.

He said police had no record of prior calls to the Crespis' address,
and there was no sign of a forced entry.

Crespi was taken to a local police station, where detectives questioned
him. His wife, Kimberli, was also interviewed by officials and was
counseled by chaplains, Bridges said.

Capt. Brian Cunningham said late Friday that Crespi was charged with
two counts of murder and is being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail.

Crespi has three older children from his first marriage to Kimberly Ann
Crespi, who was a nurse at Mercy General Hospital. Those children -
Jessica, 17, Dylan, 14, and Joshua, 9 - were at school at the time of
the stabbing.

Kimberly Ann Crespi died in 1993 after a yearlong struggle with brain
cancer. She was 30, according to former neighbors.

David Crespi later married Kimberli Crespi.

Former neighbor Marta Carrera said she could not have had kinder
neighbors on El Douro Drive in the Pocket area. When she moved in,
David and Kimberli Crespi brought her a bundt cake, she recalled.

The family routinely went on bike rides together, and after the twins
were born on Oct. 16, 2000, they rode along in a bicycle buggy, Carrera

"They were just a model family," she said. "Hardworking, very engaged
with each other and with the kids."

Carrera said Crespi was a leader at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in
the Pocket area, and made his views clear to his next-door neighbor
Michael Newdow, an atheist activist.

While living in Sacramento, Crespi, a Stockton native, graduated from
California State University, Sacramento - as his father had, according
to a Sac State Magazine item.

Crespi was vice president and chief financial officer at Sacramento
Savings Bank until it closed in 1995. Later, he was a program manager
at SHRA. Later still, he was an executive at the Money Store, his
father said.

David Crespi had been diagnosed with testicular cancer about a year
ago, but beat it, Lauren Crespi said.

"Everything was fine" when he visited his son last Thanksgiving, Lauren
Crespi said.

The brunet twins were happy and dressed alike, he said. "They were the
twins, happy little girls. They loved their dad and everything," Lauren
Crespi said.

He said his son was open about his battle with depression, including
that in the past week he had started medication to help him sleep at
night. "In no way did he ever show this. There were no eruptions from
him or anything," he said. "He told us he had problems, depression. But
he had the best doctors he could find in North Carolina."

Lauren Crespi said he was in a state of shock, waiting Friday evening
to hear what would come next. "Our family has never been through
anything like this," he said.

Julie Sheehan described the area she and the Crespis live in as a
"family neighborhood." "They're a part of this neighborhood, and we
just have to pray for them," she said.

Former Pocket neighbor Carrera voiced her concern Friday evening for
Kimberli Crespi.

"My heart goes out to the older kids, too," Carrera said. "They lost
their biological mother, have a new mother, and now their father's not
there and their sisters aren't there."


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