Re: Jennifer Hagel Smith Interview

to me, there is NO reason to take what she says about anything at face
value, NO reason to believe she is speaking the truth...after all, it's
possible she is involved in a murder...

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>> > > The way she talked, it didn't appear she was crying or screaming.
>> > > She
>> said
>> > > basically she felt in shock, unable to speak, etc. I was wondering
>> > > more
>> > > about a sexual assault perhaps? It appears, although she hasn't
>> commented,
>> > > that her having been drugged might be a possibility.
>> >
>> > Okay, but she didn't insinuate that they insisted on a shower to
>> > eliminate some evidence on her body? Then why take her clothing? And
>> > I
>> > assume these were the same clothes she wore the night before, or why do
>> > they want them?
>> >
>> > This is very strange. I'm still thinking that there was something in
>> > her physical condition that made a shower necessary or advisable.
>> > Maybe
>> > she was a mess from the night before. She was drinking hard with her
>> > new hubbie, right? Didn't come back to the cabin that night, right? So
>> > her make-up in a muck, hair akimbo, perhaps the crew assumed she wanted
>> > a shower.
>> I just don't know. The russians and the california kid insinuated that
>> both
>> Jen and George were *drinking hard*.
> Not much luck of getting more specific statements out of them at this
> point, I suppose.
> But in the interview she gave, she
>> said she and George were going to the casino about 11:00 pm., after
>> dropping
>> his sport coat off somewhere. I'm assuming to be cleaned. So she said
>> they
>> had dinner and on their way to meet another honeymooning couple at the
>> casino, they stopped off to drop George's coat. She said they, she and
>> George, had spent most evenings with this other couple they'd met early
>> on
>> in the cruise. And that both of the couples were on their honeymoons.
>> She came off as quite reasonable in her explanations in the interview.
>> Making comments about the previous day and early evening that sounded
>> both
>> believable and accurate. She'd sort of trail off and say how 'just that
>> afternoon, they were commenting on how lucky they were, how fortunate
>> they
>> were in their lives, having such a beautiful honeymoon, after such a
>> beautiful wedding, etc. What I'm saying is she made lots of comments on
>> 'small talk' she and George were having, all sounding quite credible.
>> She
>> didn't come across as snobby or snooty. Actually, after listening to
>> her,
>> she was nothing like I imagined she might be. She just seemed like a
>> really
>> nice girl.
> Your impressions are always valuable to me. I don't watch much TV, so I
> love it when you go into such detail.
>> >
>> > Did she seem to be saying that she was given some GBH or something and
>> > raped?
>> No, she didn't. It just struck me as really strange the way she said
>> "they
>> told me to take a shower." Something about the way she said it. She
>> didn't
>> offer any explanation like "I'd been crying and was a mess........."
>> nothing like that. Just a comment made as if she was following their
>> orders.
> And she was, what's the term?, disassociating from the event, in shock.
> Her use of words is strange. She's implying that she was walked through
> this event and told what to do. That's not uncommon after trauma. But
> it's also common when someone wants to diminish their own role in an
> event like this.
>> And when she was finally taken back to the ship, she said all their
>> possessions, hers and George's, were there on the dock. She said
>> everything
>> had been stuffed into plastic bags and set on the dock, and the ship
>> sailed
>> without her. That she was left there without any money, without any
>> plane
>> reservations to get home, without any hotel accommodations, etc. Just
>> left
>> there with all their stuff sitting on the dock. I mean the whole thing
>> is
>> just awful. And she said 'she saw one of George's jogging shoes sticking
>> out of one of the bags, and how it all just began to hit her.' She
>> really
>> sounded believable to me mainly because of the little comments she made
>> about insignificant things like the shoes.
> yeah, if the cruise line behaved in this manner, screw them. Hope Jenn
> gets a bundle out of them.
> But why didn't she have any money? Were their credit cards stolen? And
> their ATM cards? The horrible visit to the doctor is strange - why
> would the cruise line send her there if she didn't give them a cause for
> examination?
> It's the depth she goes into on some details, yet the vagueness of
> others that make me curious about Jennifer's story. If she is willing
> to testify to Congress, then she might not have anything to hide. It's
> still very weird.
> bel
>> td