Re: Why are areas in New Orleans called parishes?

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> | >Are non christ lovers allowed to live in the parishes?
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> | You've never been to New Orleans, have you? Louisiana has kept
> its
> | French heritage, it's the only state whose laws are based on the
> | Napoleonic Code rather than English Common Law. It's purely
> semantic,
> | Parishes are the same as Counties - it's merely Louisiana reflecting
> | its French history, it doesn't have anything to do with religion
> these
> | days.
> Mostly true, but not exactly. Any state with community property laws
> reflect French and/or Spanish heritage rather than English Common Law.

And here's a weird fact. Many attorneys from Louisiana are in Iraq now
helping them to get their judicial system up and running. Iraq's laws, like
Louisiana's, are based on the Napoleonic code, which, as The Shadow Knows,
is unique among American states, so only the bayou state's lawyers have the
neccesary expertise.

Bo Raxo